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In Jet Velocity 2, you get to race your purple sled along the course. You must use the arrow keys to steer and accelerate, and there are many different obstacles, jumps, and power-ups along the course to enhance your experience. You will get some good time wasting with this one.

 | DM | Sep 01, 2011 | link |  | Comments (1)

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 | willy wanka | Aug 31, 2011 | link |  | Comments (0)

It’s been the worst Summer in decades (for me at least) and these bikini babes don’t go a long way to making it better, but they’ll keep you entertained for 30 seconds.

 | willy wanka | Aug 31, 2011 | link |  | Comments (0)

Vic Sec is back with another great shoot featuring the lovely Adriana Lima.

 | willy wanka | Aug 31, 2011 | link |  | Comments (1)

We asked the taxi for a quote and we came back with this She gives great head.

 | willy wanka | Aug 31, 2011 | link |  | Comments (4)

You could get some fun people to dance around and do tricks while sporting some bodypainted message on themselves to protest something, but pulling the reporter’s, who is reporting on the story, pants down will get you loads more publicity

 | willy wanka | Aug 31, 2011 | link |  | Comments (3)

Emmanuel Kelly is not his real name. He was given it by his Australian adoption mother. Emmanuel was found in a box, in an Iraqi war zone, together with his brother, before being taken in by a orphanage. His mother took the two boys to Australia for surgery and they’ve stayed there ever since. And now Emmanuel Kelly is hoping he has The X Factor.

 | willy wanka | Aug 31, 2011 | link |  | Comments (7)

You can say what you want about Kate Moss, but she’s had kids, she’s been in the business for decades, she’s had numerous addiction and yet she still looks hot as hell. NSFW

 | willy wanka | Aug 30, 2011 | link |  | Comments (0)

Now this is quite handy.

 | willy wanka | Aug 30, 2011 | link |  | Comments (7)

Hyper. Hyper. Someone’s having a good time. Is it the music or could it be the drugs?

 | willy wanka | Aug 30, 2011 | link |  | Comments (9)

The Wheel Of Death is a circus act. One I’ve seen in the flesh. It’s mighty dangerous and it almost lived up to it’s name.

 | willy wanka | Aug 30, 2011 | link |  | Comments (9)

A woman’s logic is sometimes - okay most of the time - hard to grasp.

 | willy wanka | Aug 30, 2011 | link |  | Comments (0)

More babes in bikinis to pass some time.

 | willy wanka | Aug 30, 2011 | link |  | Comments (0)

We often complain of idiot camerman not filming what needs to be filmed, but this guy might go a little too far. When a mentally handicapped man ia about to get tasered our Scorcese is actually hoping for the taser to come so he can film it. As an extra he also films the cop giving the on the ground suspect a kick in the sides.

 | willy wanka | Aug 30, 2011 | link |  | Comments (8)

Place your bets. It’s Blonde vs Air Ball. Who will win this battle of the brains?

 | willy wanka | Aug 30, 2011 | link |  | Comments (2)
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