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Cheetah Girl Adrienne Bailon leaked Nude Pics

Disney does it again! One of their top stars, Cheetah Girl Adrienne Bailon, has had nude pics stolen from her laptop. It all started when Bailon was at JFK airport in late October, and noticed her laptop computer was missing from her bell cart. She filed a report with the Port Authority, but later that day her record label received an phone call from a man saying he had her laptop and would return it for $1000. A meeting was set up at JFK with the man, where he was given the money, and in turn gave up Bailon’s missing laptop. Except one minor thing was missing, several semi-nude photos of Bailon she had taken as an anniversary present for boyfriend Robert Kardashian.

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Steve Stiffbone | Nov 10, 2008 - 11:59 |  | 
 |  | 


Nice ass…
I’d surely bang it!

Gizmo | 10/11 | 12:44 PM

She used to be in a singing group called 3LW. She was the hot blond one…apparently with a nice ass.

I_pOkE_bAdGeRs_WiTh_SpOoNs | 10/11 | 12:49 PM

Nude nude… it’s semi-nude xD

pidemias | 10/11 | 02:05 PM

looks fake

Nik3453 | 10/11 | 05:20 PM

by the 2010 disney will start to make porn movies due the high demand

BloodSweat | 10/11 | 11:34 PM

Nice little piece of ass…
I’m telling you - some people are letting these girls roam around all horny and shit - where are the guys in all of this????... Someone needs to put an end to this, believe me if I was hitting that, she’d get so much dick - she wouldn’t have the time of day to do this silly shit… Except to get water, and sleep…

Gantz | 11/11 | 12:36 AM

OHHHHH, by the way:  Can you please mention that she’s WAAAAAAAAAAAAAY over 18 on the main paige Willy.  After I clicked it and realized it was Disney, I got a little paranoid and freacked out.. But than it turned out all good when I found she’s over 18…:)

Gantz | 11/11 | 12:47 AM

Grantz you pedo - you make me sick, peoplelikeyou should be locked up and castrated. Cunt.

Therese Brockie | 11/11 | 01:34 AM

Therese Brockie - you fucking bitch.  RELAX!!!!!!
Pay more attention to what I said, Im saying that I clicked and I realized this bitch was from Disney, and the LAAAAAAAST FUCKING thing I wanted to see was a girl from Disney that is too young… But than I found out she’s like fucking 24 and than I was oh “GOOOOOOOOOD” - so FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!!  I dont know where you get your ideas from stupid bitch… I wanted Willy to mention that she’s way over 18, cause it scared the fuck out of me when I found out she was in Disney…. HAPPY, BITCH???

Gantz | 11/11 | 06:06 AM

Nice hairy cunt, Cunt.

beep | 11/11 | 02:05 PM

I’d let her kiss me

Daniel | 12/11 | 03:14 AM

i’d let her do me

Daniel | 12/11 | 03:15 AM

remember to read carefully therese.. because you made yourself look like the dumbass cunt you are.

Lol | 12/11 | 10:05 PM

Is that a tattoo of a dead cheetah?  Me thinks so.

Joe | 13/11 | 11:52 PM

wtf…shes like 25 or something so we cant be pedos fucking idiot

Rhythm | 15/12 | 07:47 AM

I think she needs to show her fukin pussy i mean i want her to suck my big dick ok and me to lick her boobs and stick my dick in her pussy and me to lick her pussy!!

hotfuckinpussylover | 24/12 | 04:34 AM

one time, i threw up!

Oh, shit! | 12/06 | 04:51 PM

yeah, what normal woman doesn’t take nude pictures of herself, take a look around. and you get all these fuckin depraved lil nobheads on here talkin shit like ‘she needs to show her fukin pussy’, i mean, come on shes not doin it for you u fuckin lil dickhead. how about actually try and get some, you’re opbviously fuckin virgin geeks that do nuttin but play WOW n daydream about girls.
get a life.

p.s dont really know who she is but shes quite hot, too bad her boyfriend dint get those pics for anniversaryand they’re posted for millions to see.

DatH | 03/09 | 04:08 AM

Please some1 find more pictures of her nude. Dat is 1 nice piece of assssssssssss!!!!!!!!

Native Joe | 30/09 | 11:56 PM
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