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Olympic luge participant Nodar Kumaritashvili dies

He crashes while going at 140km/h (90mph). He lost control, flew of the luge and hit a steel post, which in my opinion should have been covered in foam at least and probably never have been put there in the first place. RIP Nodar.

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willy wanka | Feb 13, 2010 - 12:05 |  | 
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Big red “X”
That’s all I get…well, I got a PERFECT ad for the “Impossible IQ Question”, and the big red “X”

Oh well…thanx for the info. Headed to Google right now to look it up.


xtreme-d | 13/02 | 12:28 AM

willy youre aware of the server issues right? seems like all links are dead atm.. well, pics/vids are missing.. been like this since yesterday

billy | 13/02 | 01:11 AM

It doesn’t take from how much that sucked for him & I wish his family/friends the best.

At the very least he did what he loved!

JP | 13/02 | 08:53 PM

God this site is a fucken waste of time these days. Broken, broken, broken. Just shut it down if you aren’t going to do it properly. Dickheads.

kadinkski | 14/02 | 03:35 AM

Seeing as how I live in Vancouver and heard all of the speculation and investigation right after it happened, I have to say that people never leave luge or bobsled or skeleton tracks. Sleds leave, but people don’t. While I totally agree that there needed to be foam padding on those pylons, I think it a tad presumptuous to say that the designers never thought of that. I think safety was probably pretty high on their list of considerations for the track’s design.

Bob | 14/02 | 11:10 AM

correction.. not the 1st

Eighteen Olympic athletes and coaches have died tragically as the Games they were competing in or had particpated in took place, including luger Nodar Kumaritashvili, who died Friday:

• 1992 Albertville: Nicholas Bochatay of Switzerland died after crashing into a snow grooming machine during training for the demonstration sport of speed skiing.

• 1964 Innsbruck: Australian downhill skier Ross Milne died when he struck a tree during a training run. British luger Kazimierz Kay-Skrzypecki also died at Innsbruck in a crash during training.

• 1972 Munich: Eleven Israelis athletes and coaches were taken hostage and later murdered by Palestinian terrorists.

• 1960 Rome: Danish cyclist Knud Enemark crashed during his race and fractured his skull and died at a hospital. His death was later attributed to ingestion of amphetamines and a blood-pressure medication.

• 1912 Stockholm: Marathon runner Francisco Lazaro of Portugal became severely dehydrated and collapsed during the race.

micko | 14/02 | 04:50 PM

you think covering that steel pole in foam would have saved this guys life…...doubt it!

IamanIdiot | 15/02 | 04:41 AM

i dont think alil pad would have helped at 90+ mph…......poor track design is whats at fault…......damn canadians cant even make a luger track right!........Georgia should declare war on those idiot Canadians

2 | 15/02 | 04:28 PM

Foam ? at 90+mph…....gimme a break….....blame Canandia…....they cant do anything right

2 | 15/02 | 04:30 PM

“Georgia should declare war on those idiot Canadians”
I hope to god they DON’T declare war on Canada…if Canada fights back…they will probably wipe ATLANTA off the map!!! LoL!!!


xtreme-d | 16/02 | 06:08 AM

Gee, I think Canadians of all people would have a good handle on how to build something out of ice.  Maybe the idiot foreigner couldn’t read the directions…საქართველო

Foam pad?  Must be a fucking American.

IamanIdiot | 16/02 | 01:50 PM

regardless of suggestions of bad track design, or not covering posts with padding i think people are ignoring the simple fact that going down an incredibly steep tube of ice on your back at massive speed with no real protection is cool looking but fucking stupid, pointless and inherently extremely dnagerous.

Accidents happen, and wow shock! if you do stuff that is crazy you might just increase your chances of injury or death.

torbert | 17/02 | 02:26 AM
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