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Freaky Fetishes

What you do in your bedrom is none of our business, but some people really need to take a good look at themselves while not wearing a pig suit, sniffing feet, getting squashed by a fat chick or getting mounted by a miniature stallion. What is wrong with just a bit of kinky sex with maybe some handcuffs, baby oil and a 20 inch strap on? Do we really need all these fetishes to sastisfy sexual needs? I mean, 8 beer up your ass? WTF!?!

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willy wanka | Sep 24 |  | 
 |  | 

Rants and Raves and Flames and Trolls on Freaky Fetishes

Ik voel mij zo ongelofelijk normaal gelukkig!
Wat een bende weirdo’s…

Snef | 24/09 | 10:56 PM

interesting to see so many turn-ons different from ones own…but the girl in the vacuum sealed bag is too much, there’s been people who love to get strangled just to feel asphyxiated in fact one girl died from it in jersey and everyone thought she was killed by her boyfriend turns out she went way too far while fetishing her craves…

the brown | 24/09 | 11:00 PM

I myself love womens feet and had a huge fetish for it.  Not all the dirty feet stuff jsut the clean washed feet, so I can do like the girls in the film sucking and licking toes and the tops and botoms of the feet unto the leg and back down.

After all we lick between their legs where they also pee so why not feet!

James | 24/09 | 11:42 PM
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