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Ladies and especially gentlemen. We love Hannah and I know most of you love Hannah. Those that have been with TC since the beginning will know that we had a special relationship with Hannah. Hannah was/is real, Hannah was/is gorgeous and Hannah was willing. She was not only a gorgeous looking bird, but she was always very nice and friendly. It is a shame it all got wrecked by her now ex-boyfriend Luke. To re-live those wonderful memories we have gathered all our Hannah stuff and decided to share them with you once again. TC is moving to a new lay shortly and this can be seen as a more than fitting send off. More to come, so stay tuned, but for now enjoy Totally Crap Loves Hannah in all its glory. NSFW.
Update: The download link, if still needed.

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willy wanka | Feb 21 |  | 
 |  | 

Rants and Raves and Flames and Trolls on HANNAH GALORE

What format are those videos. All I get is sound. No pictures… I’m using firefox, what player needs to be installed?

Perplexed | 07/02 | 12:04 AM


try internet explorer!
its flash!

cazzper | 07/02 | 12:06 AM

Thanks for this. Nice to see all the Hannah vids together.

Does anyone know if she has any new vids on her site when she is fucking someone?

gooner119 | 07/02 | 12:13 AM

Nope, IE and flash install doesn’t do it. Not even sound.

Perplexed | 07/02 | 12:27 AM

she is something quite special, wish I knew her wink

Well Hannah, I live in the South East if your up for it :D

Thanks for the excellent post, although shouldnt this be in the nsfw category?

nrps1 | 07/02 | 12:30 AM

great! willy you just made my day. or maybe it was hannah, but in a different way wink
but thanks, man!

zero | 07/02 | 12:38 AM

Now all we need is someone to upload the lot to rapidshare or something simular wink

stevvie | 07/02 | 12:54 AM

Yes and No.
That is why it has the NSFW warning at the end of the post. If you’ve read that far.

Hannah has no new site. No official one at least. Yesm there are sites that are trying to sell yopu these vids. We give them to you for free, cause that is what they were in the first place.
PS you and arsenal fan? If so, can you get me tickets to the real madrid game or any other Gunners match for that matter? Mail me. Use the linktip option.

willy wanka | 07/02 | 12:55 AM

Don’t worry. Let us get some pageviews first OK. We will oblige you with that soon.

willy wanka | 07/02 | 12:56 AM

I thought you meant the hotel thing with “karl” for a moment… Good job I saved that one then   wink

Daddy Rich | 07/02 | 01:22 AM

damn, when the rss arived i thought you’d have something new :(

damn | 07/02 | 01:24 AM

The collection should also contain the gorgeous hannah_hotel_3some videos!!

Btw. why did you reduced the resolution? The more, the better!  cheese

mmmmmmmm | 07/02 | 02:33 AM

As long as the Hannah_hotel_videos don’t have that stupid music that they have in them now,Haven’t seen a couple of these. Thanks Willy

CheetaH09 | 07/02 | 02:46 AM

How can i download these videos????

Migs | 07/02 | 02:52 AM

Yes, I can proudly say that I have the motel movies where Hannah is getting it on with a couple guys.  Ah, gotta love the internet.

Shiggy | 07/02 | 03:22 AM

is hannah anal virgin ? raspberry

Gera | 07/02 | 04:06 AM

ive seen most of em other then the personal vids but thanks a lot willy.  Wow was she ever hot :| to bad shes gone :’(

LongHungSilver | 07/02 | 04:08 AM

actually willy id kill to have those personal ones on my comp to. any chance on dload links for those vids?

LongHungSilver | 07/02 | 04:09 AM

Mmm yes one of the greatest girls to ever grace the internet with her presence.Thank you

forgottenone | 07/02 | 04:31 AM

@willy wanka.
Yes I am an Arsenal fan but sorry I haven’t got and can not get you any tickets for the real madrid game. I have no connections. Also sorry for posting on here this message. When I clicked on ur name I kept on getting the same message, that I wasn’t allowed to view your profile.

gooner119uk | 07/02 | 05:15 AM

Edit: Threesum vid, all 15 minutes of it, will appear on TC soon, please refrain from spamming other second rate links as we are the original.

gooner119uk | 07/02 | 05:21 AM

Anyone that has the hotel 3 some movies, please either make them available through Rapidshare/Torrent, or provide to Willy to add to this collection.

Would LOVE to see those.

madMidgetUK | 07/02 | 05:23 AM

Excelent Section Willy..
i wish a special performance for T.T or My Fansite…

Remember visit
Edit: No spamming please. We have all the Hannah stuff here.

Kaoss | 07/02 | 05:41 AM

Already up on rapidshare…

vicky gruman | 07/02 | 07:04 AM

Nice fucking job.

Geoff | 07/02 | 08:12 AM

Is there a way to download these videos?

Furie Zacharias | 07/02 | 08:24 AM

The hotel vids are in my possession. I have the whole lot and TC was the one that made them public. They will appear here again soon.

willy wanka | 07/02 | 09:14 AM

I can tell you a way to download all the vids but I don’t know if that is ok with Willy. Let me know of I can spill it out.

DominoBB | 07/02 | 02:00 PM

If you want do download these movies.Use IE.Then bwowser will download these files in C:\Documents and Settings\YOURE PROFILE\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\

Find the file there , and you can watch it with this player

vuk | 07/02 | 02:10 PM

And Willy ,please put this on rapidshaer ,
and please dont use this fucking macromedia shit any more .THX

vuk | 07/02 | 02:12 PM

LOL, there is a much easyer way to copy all the files than to wait to load all the files and then go to some folder on your computer, but as I said I will lett Willy decide.

DominoBB | 07/02 | 02:21 PM

Put it on rapidshare? Whenever I put anthing on rapidshare people only bitch about it. Just be fucking patient al of you. I will put it all on rapidshare, but in the meantime anjoy them on our site, we put a lot of effort into TC and can want to make it bigger, better and the bog´s bollocks, fir this we need you to look at what we post. Plonking everything on rapidshare will make rapidshare bigger and do nothing for TC. While we put all the work in. Not rapidshare.

willy wanka | 07/02 | 05:14 PM

Mail me your plans, but please do not mention it in here. yet. thank you.

willy wanka | 07/02 | 05:15 PM

and here it is; hannah’s 3sum hotel fun

Edit: Just calm the fuck down. TC was the first and only site to have that video in full, all others ripped it, so just be patient, TC will have it up again.

ez target | 07/02 | 05:33 PM

Edit: You can see all her porn on TC too, no need to spam others.
all of my porn

hannah | 07/02 | 05:37 PM

has hannah got her own web site shes as fit as fuc had many a good hand shandy over her vids

magic knob | 07/02 | 07:32 PM

Tried it using a few different
browsers and no luck.
Of all the sites that use
flash videos now, this has to be
the only one it doesnt work.
Say what you want but the web is
vast and theer is porn a plenty, so yiou ahve to make sure that you
do like the other sites and not
lose visitors.

darl mcbride | 07/02 | 07:33 PM

Torrent for the FLV-files:

Furie Zacharias | 07/02 | 09:03 PM


What happened to all that ra ra raaa she’s underage in all the videos except the hotel one then. I deleted them all (except the hotel one) when I heard that.

Daddy Rich | 07/02 | 09:09 PM

sorry to bitch again, but i did what you said and now the vid crashes firefox and alls i get is sound on ie :(  the pics are great though. thanks!

dingomingus | 08/02 | 01:06 AM

Thanks Willy,

Could you put those video’s up as avi or wmv please ?


DutchDude | 08/02 | 01:42 AM

Hannah é muito gostosa, pena que está um pouco longe…Mas espero que um dia ela venha aqui no Brasil para também tirar uma casquinha….

sinistro | 08/02 | 04:15 AM

She talked about her webpage ... does she have one or was it just a joke?

Blacki | 08/02 | 01:09 PM

eehhehe… i have these videos and the package all videos hannah in my ftp…


kan | 08/02 | 03:39 PM

here are the direct links for the two parts of the hotel 3some (high quality, no music, just the good stuff)
Filesize: 27,3 Mb | Duration: 9:34
Filesize: 27,3 Mb | Duration: 9:57

fonz | 08/02 | 05:21 PM

thanks fonz! great stuff
I hate that flash crap

Ye Greate'96 | 08/02 | 08:55 PM

When you say underage, you don’t mean under 16?(I hope)
How long ago were they made?

Jude Dread | 08/02 | 09:29 PM

I think the problem with the flash videos is the version of flash player. I do most of my browsing in Linux, where Flash is stuck at v7, my laptop, running XP has v8 and plays the videos fine. Both systems I’m using Firefox for browsing. On Linux, I only get sound, no video.

Chris | 09/02 | 12:20 AM

she lives in wallington which is close to sutton in south london

she is always out in kingston - i have seen her leaving clubs with a few different guys recently. love it!!

south london boy | 09/02 | 12:59 AM

wonder what happened to her

anyway, great clips, few new ones
can we download them?


ncnc | 09/02 | 02:42 AM

These are awsome please how can we download

timmy | 09/02 | 04:47 AM

ok if u have any more hardcore ill name my first child

john | 09/02 | 05:23 AM

Great Vids I love Hannah, but, and its a BIG BUT if she is under 18 in any of the vids and you are in the UK it’s child porn and you’re looking at 12 months in JAIL if plod find it on your PC. Can TC confirm that she is over 18 in any/all of the videos

JJ | 09/02 | 10:31 AM

hey, how do i download the videos that r in media form or in the flv player?

mister | 09/02 | 03:56 PM

John, Hannah aint got a BIG BUT shes got a cute little but, and I think shes old enough to know better :hehe:

shergars666 | 09/02 | 09:09 PM

@south london boy
Take a pic with your camera phone the next time you see her and tell her Willy says hello.

willy wanka | 10/02 | 01:40 AM

Another one I’m afraid who can’t view any of the movies/mpegs on this site…Sort it out

redson | 11/02 | 06:06 PM

For chrissakes man, PLEASE post them in a normal godamn format like Quicktime, none of this stupid Flash shite.

comefromaway | 13/02 | 02:30 AM

hanna is the best!
But she lives on the other side of the world! Shame on me!
Well, tc is the best place, so i hope you can put more videos of her.
sorry for my sintaxis.
Hanna rules ohhh in coming., jurgh.!

marlon | 14/02 | 09:24 AM

shes on if u wanna talk 2 her but dont be stupid

cena316 | 14/02 | 03:53 PM

heres her name if u wanna search chapette

cena316 | 14/02 | 04:42 PM

Bloody hell, i’m from Wallington, shall definately keep my eyes peeled, has she got her website set up yet and does anyone know the address?

Somatic | 14/02 | 10:12 PM there some more vids of hanna on there better ones

pleaer | 19/02 | 07:57 AM

impresionante hannah

rafa | 20/02 | 07:39 PM

What better ones are there? What you have here and in the other 3 posts is basically Hannah’s complete portfolio.

willy wanka | 22/02 | 07:14 AM

Hello, this site is great.  Does Hannah have her own website?  Thanks a lot guys and more power.

Paul | 22/02 | 05:44 PM

I have 2 which aren’t in this set or any of the recent posts, one is a night vision blow job.

JazzyDan | 23/02 | 12:18 AM

Hannah has a primitive website on the Faceparty site, and has adopted a new name with a French twist.

JamesV | 23/02 | 12:57 AM

menuda caxonda

sedy | 23/02 | 06:10 PM

que guapa!

ech0 | 23/02 | 08:50 PM

Hi folks, can anybody say, what´s the name of the eminem song this cute girl uses in
her dance video

Ghost | 27/02 | 11:17 PM

hey! is her anyone that know´s another site with more vieos on hannah?? or when ther will come out more ?

babblish | 27/02 | 11:49 PM


HOT HOT CLIENTE | 04/03 | 04:36 PM

Este filme é muito bom, ja bati várias p ele. e no EUA só tem Viado, puta e cornao

furador | 04/03 | 05:46 PM

What is the song played in the Shout Out #1 vid? thanx

the really big guy | 05/03 | 11:43 PM

JazzyDan is right, there are two more videos.
One is the nightvision BJ.  Short, no sound, you would not know it is Hannah unless you were told.  We have been told, on the main site where they were posted.
The other is the “big meanie” dance video.  No nudity, no tits, no smile.

ppppowder | 07/03 | 09:34 AM

willy - i will try next time i see her out - but rumour has it she is pregnant!!

I think she may have even been on the game for a bit as well.

south london bpy | 10/03 | 01:13 AM

can TC upload all of hannah’s video’s on one file..plzzzzzz

pornstar | 11/03 | 06:10 PM

Hannah has a fan site, but no official site, what is her name on faceparty ????

chojin | 12/03 | 05:15 AM

Whats her website called? Great vids, fairplay to her i say

RacerD | 15/03 | 03:52 PM


tiempo legend | 15/03 | 09:02 PM

Cheers ! !

AWF | 19/03 | 03:09 AM

Thanks for everyone’s efforts especially TC.  Willy that main rapidshare file is missing Part9 and Part14.

DD | 21/03 | 07:17 PM

what do i click to play it

everything_ends | 30/03 | 05:53 AM


TU PUTA MADRE | 02/04 | 11:19 PM

Girls of Argentina and Spain there some more vids of hanna on there better ones:

Carolina | 03/04 | 04:46 AM

A esta le metia de to menos miedo,ke cara de perra en celo esta tia que se pase por mi casa a que me la repase ¡¡menuda zorra!!

rafa y meliz | 03/04 | 01:58 PM


rafa y meliz | 03/04 | 02:00 PM

Does Hannah have a website. This chick is definitely sick/

stjames | 14/04 | 04:06 AM

use dis link 2 get 16 videos's+16+Vids.html

Dan | 17/04 | 06:59 PM

thank u dan!!

Giacomo | 18/04 | 08:11 PM

You are the woman of may life


Wilson | 18/04 | 10:41 PM

everything_ends wrote:
´´what do i click to play it
  everything_ends | 03-30-06 |  04:53 AM´´

my bro. everything_ends,
see below the tutorial to download hannah files from rapidshare server:

and now see more hannah files:

hannfanatic | 21/04 | 10:50 PM

i love u honey bunny

zumzum | 23/04 | 09:42 PM

What’s her faceparty name?

Mescelin | 25/04 | 12:51 PM

She needs to tidy her room

Jiffy | 26/04 | 09:56 PM

Hannah on the faceparty is different girl

Unless Original has differen nickname on faceparty.

London Boy | 27/04 | 03:42 PM

I just hope she isn’t finished making those videos!

bubbba88 | 29/04 | 08:50 AM

Well everybody, I know have a terrible disease. AIDS…. I’ve had to stop my porn staring over the next year. Due to my problem. I’ve contracted alot of… Semen latly. So dont bug me if I dont put any more videos on…


Hannah | 30/04 | 09:57 PM
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