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Kinky Celine Does Snuff

Anyone heard of Kinky Celine? If not, you will now. This kinky chick is not at all bad looking and is looking for buyers of her yet to be made snuff movie. Yes, snuff movie. Celine is very considerate and even puts the whole synopsis of the snuff movie on her site. This way potential buyers know what they are getting. Nice. Even nicer. She is still looking for participants. Get in their quick guys.

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willy wanka | May 06 |  | 
 |  | 

Rants and Raves and Flames and Trolls on Kinky Celine Does Snuff

She seems pretty nice LOL..liked her answer to this question
“Have you ever put a horse cock inside of you? 
Yes I have and I have 2 videos so far to prove it”.

Reckon my mum and dad would love that answer.

meluvlongtime | 07/05 | 12:21 AM

Willy: was that your dog with her?? (in her video section). Was going to do a screenshot, but thought i might offend our more sensitive readers like Henry hardcore LOL

Dogncel.mpg A dalmation giving me a really good Fucking

meluvlongtime | 07/05 | 12:28 AM

if you read DJ Lame-O…she’s willing to be killed at the end

Syn1692 | 07/05 | 03:27 AM

@ Syn1692… was reading that…she seems pretty messed up…her death details seem pretty extreme…ie. getting her “pussy lips” nailed etc..
Who has thoughts like that???

Disclaimer: I’m still watching the dalmation rooting her from behind.. so messied up on so many levels..

P>S I vote for more animal porn willy. Any chance of getting some of her videos with the horses - she said she made 2 of them. I’m never betting on the horse racing again..Okay tell a lie.

meluvlongtime | 07/05 | 03:46 AM

yeah, its pretty sick stuff…i think whats worse is that 83 copies are on order, and i’m sure there will be more with the exposure willy has given her…who do the proceeds go to anyways if she’s gonna die? my vote? willy!

Syn1692 | 07/05 | 05:07 AM

Thats soooooooooooo sick, isnt the video shit illegal?????? nasty nasty stuff man.  The girl on the pictures seems different from the girl on the vids, I doubt its her.

Gantz | 07/05 | 05:25 AM

Hillary has a horse cock!

Bill Clinton | 07/05 | 11:47 AM

Someone should stop her from doing this to herself. Its sick sick sick sick to the Nth degree!!!

bazanime | 10/05 | 04:15 PM

It is sick, and someone should stop her.  She claims that if she dies, the movie will be sent to the pre-orders for free, so no money to be made.

But something that was pointed out above.  There seem to be different girls involved in some movies and pics.  This is also highly illegal.  I am not sure, but I have a feeling some scam is going on. Any ideas?

Hrolf | 12/06 | 06:38 PM

I seen this video, and it’s not even real. I mean, the dog is humping, but there’s no penetration at all. I dont think that’s actually her either, it doesn’t look like the same girl on the website. So, anyways, yeah, the movie is messed up but still awesome.

dorkypunk | 02/08 | 10:12 AM

some different girls in them , but I have seen several of Celine’s vids - and there is sure enough major horse-cock penetration of the ladies.

Unfortunately, my haIrd drive crashed and I lost my saved vids!  8-( and her site isn’t out there anymore.  Anyone else got copies?

Geoff3 | 14/04 | 10:21 PM
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