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I’ve always had a thing for Asian honeys, but deep down i’ve always known that the best looking ladies come from right here in the UK. And to prove this, some very dedicated people have created a site that celebrates British honeys to their full extent. Over at Simply Gorgeous, they have compiled a very extensive collection of gallieries from Page3 girls through to amatur girls who have never got them out before, but always wanted to. As well as all these fresh faced sweeties are all the best bits from all the lads mags. Which saves you having to buy the waste of paper and skipping past all the crap adverts for clothes you would never wear. Not too NSFW, but i suppose it depends what everyone around you thinks.

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TheDeviant | Aug 06 |  | 
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Rants and Raves and Flames and Trolls on Simply Gorgeous

Now that’s what I call a “link”.

Koncorde | 06/08 | 05:50 PM

geez! they all look british!

igl | 07/08 | 02:10 AM

Im not gonna lie Ive always had a thing for BRITTISH Women. I mean Who hasnt seen MAXIM & FHM UK editions??? if you havent ur an idiot… I mean those gorgeous faces, beautiful bodies, and gorgeous fucking accents… WOW… But im not gonna lie, when I went to London I didnt see many ATTTTTTT ALL…. Did i go to the wrong places? was I just paying too much attention to the city rather than the people??? was I so anxious to go to Amsterdam that I didnt pay enough attention??? I dont know you let me know…

Gantz | 07/08 | 05:50 AM

Check out this link too - more sexy brit girls!

Horse | 13/09 | 09:03 PM

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Dypsursegreby | 05/06 | 07:08 PM
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